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Scams To Look Out For

According to an article published by Brookdale Senior Living last year, there are 12 types of scams that are regularly perpetrated against those in the elder community that seniors, their families, and their caregivers should be on the lookout for.

These scam types include …

  • Medicare Scams
  • Tax Fraud
  • Identity Theft
  • Funeral Scams
  • Fake Virus Scanners
  • Investment Schemes
  • Overdue Utilities
  • Telemarketing Schemes
  • The Pigeon Drop
  • Charity Scams
  • The Family Member in Need
  • The Grandparent Scam

Refer to the article for more details about each of these, as well as tips for how to tell if you’re being scammed.

Stay tuned as we use this page to describe some specific scams we’ve encountered or heard about recently and how best to avoid them.